How We Began

Lorra Mae Tea* began as “Tea Time Treasures” back in 2001. Ladies in our neighborhood loved having tea parties, but supplies for their gatherings were limited.

Our family decided to look for the best tea source we could find, and began a small, home-based business. For a few years, we went to craft sales, holiday bazaars, and summer flea markets.

During these events, our girls wore pretty dresses, hats, and gloves…and handed out samples of brewed loose leaf tea. It was a hit! The lines were long, and people loved buying tea and all the things that went with it!

Taking the “store” on the road became cumbersome. High event fees, many breakable items to transport, and a very busy family life put a stop to selling at other venues. 

Our home-based business was put on the back burner for several years for more important things: babies, graduations, marriages, grandbabies, and moves.  Once in awhile, we would have an “Open House” to offer the “tea store” items out of our home, but we couldn’t find consistency. What has remained constant? Our love for good tea! We have continued to drink tea over the years, serve it to our guests, and often give it to friends and family as a gift.

Continuing On

We’ve missed the days of being active with our little home business. Working together as a family can be so rewarding, and finding out how each one can add their own special touch to this venture is certainly exciting!
Although some of the older children have moved away, they help in many ways via technology: advertising, social media, web design editing, and of course, taste testing. 🙂 The younger teens and children are learning how to do different aspects of web design, product photography, shipping and handling, and many other things. It is truly a blessing to enjoy this adventure together as a family! 
We’re thrilled to pick up where we left off,  joining the ever-growing world of internet sales and marketing. We see great value in the health benefits of tea, and are excited to offer our friends, family, and customers the absolute best teas from around the world.
We aim to maintain competitive pricing, and intend to provide the best customer service possible!
* “Lorra” (from Lorraine), and “Mae” are in honor of two grandmothers in the family.

Here We Are

My husband Joel and I
~Joel is my biggest cheerleader, and has waited for YEARS to see this business get off the ground.~

About 1

The Ladies

About 2

Son Jaden, his wife Tahnee,
and baby
~website analysts, support team members~

About 3

Daughter, Julia
~taste tester, advertising, website analyst, support team member~

About 4

Son, Gabriel
~taste tester, word guru, website inspector, support team member~

About 5

Daughter Grace, her husband Roderick,
and baby
~tea testers, website analysts, advertising, support team members~

About 6

Daughter, Angelé
~taste tester, website analyst, packaging, support team member~

About 7

Son, Abram
~taste tester, support team member~

About 8

Daughter, Mareah
~taste tester, product photography, shipping and handling, support team member~

About 9

Son, Malachi
~taste tester, website analyst, support team member~

About 10

Son, Caleb
~taste tester, shipping and handling, support team member~

About 11

Son, Hudson
~taste tester, product photography, product information, support team member ~

About 12

Son, Levi
~taste tester, product information,shipping and handling, support team member~

About 13

Son, Marcus
~taste tester, shipping and handling, support team member~

About 14

Daughter, Ashlyn
~youngest tea *taster*, and vibrant member of the support team~

About 15