Blueberry Bang Rooibos Tea

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The aroma of Blueberry Bang Rooibos Tea promises a wonderful taste experience!

The fresh fruit elements of this tea bring back memories of tiny flavorful blueberries.

Net wt. 2.5 oz, 5.0 oz, 8.0 oz

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Blueberry Bang Rooibos Tea

Luxury Ingredients: Rooibos, Hibiscus, Apple, Elderberries, Currants (a.k.a. Corinthian raisins), American Blueberries, European Blueberries (a.k.a. bilberries), Cornflower petals, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant)
Tea(s) From: South Africa / Egypt / Turkey / Greece / Bulgaria / Albania
Antioxidant Level: Low

Caffeine Content: None – Caffeine Free Herb
Shelf Life: 10 years unopened, 2 years after opening.
Net wt. 2.5 oz, 5.0 oz, 8.0 oz
Weight 2.5 oz

Tea(s) From: South Africa / Canada / USA / Thailand / Spain
Region(s): Cederberg / Ontario / California / Sing Buri / Seville
Antioxidant Level: Medium
Caffeine Content: None – Caffeine Free Herb

Tea Story

Blueberry bang, we admit, is a strange name for a cup of tea. To explain we take you to 1930's New Brunswick. In thos days a German immigrant name Frederick Wolfhasen began experimenting with new machines to facilitate the picking of the low growing wild blueberries that grew in abundance around his farm. Searching for the ultimate apparatus, Frederick built machines with pulleys, ropes, bicycle pedals, you name it. Everything went swimmingly until one day in August of 1934 when he fired up his latest invention, a diesel powered picker. A half mile away, Frederiick's wife Gesela began to prepare lunch; a German pancake made from flour, shortening and sugar. As she mixed whe heard what would later be described by the dairyman, who doubled as the Local reporter, as a 'loud clap, booming and most frightful.' Running outside, Gisela froze in her tracks as she saw what would later be described by the same dairyman as, 'a wall, nay, a tidal wave of blueberries,' flying toward the house. Moments. Later. Gisela was plastered. Frederick, whose English was still not all that good. Covered the half mile back to the farm house in a mere 5 minutes yelling, 'Blueberries! Bang! Gisela!' Over and over as he did so. By the time he arrived, Gisela, was already stirring her dough which was now peppered richly with deliciously sweet wild blueberries. In 30 minutes they say down th the most delicious dish either of them had ever eaten. 90 years or so later, we've created, this wonderful Blueberry bang Rooibos tea as a tribute to the Wolfhasens. Caffeine free, rich in minerals and with high vitamin content, wonderful hot or cold, this tea has the mellow qualities of Rooibos with the character of fresh wild blueberries. Wunderbar!

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  1. Charity Porter

    The blueberry aroma you get when you open it up , is just heavenly and it taste just as good as it smells!

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